How to add Application Insights to your web application

Application Insights (AI) is a fantastic logging/metrics/analytics application that Azure offers for free (unless you want to increase the longevity of your data; free is 1 week lifetime).  Not only is it extremely simple to get exceptions, requests, page load times, client-side exceptions and much more getting logged and aggregated, but it offers a UI that... Continue Reading →


Authenticating and identifying users cross-tenant

Azure AD is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to sync with your companies AD and then use that information to lock down your applications.  However, if you're a relatively advanced user, you have probably created your own "sub tenant" and then pulled users from the "master tenant" to give them access to... Continue Reading →

Securing your API in API Management using OAuth 2.0

Azure's API Management allows individual APIs to do a variety of things, one of which is securing an API with built-in authorization servers and JWT token validation.  This tutorial by Microsoft is a great resource for implementing the authorization server and getting your site secured.  However, it lacks one key: validating the Authorization header your... Continue Reading →

Using client certificate authentication in Azure

Client certificate authentication (CCA) is a relatively easy way to secure communication between two parties.  Of course, both parties must be privy to the certificate and there is more to it than just configuration; code will need to be written. Setting up CCA When deploying to multiple environments, your different environments may have different certificates... Continue Reading →

Using VSTS to deploy to AWS

VSTS touts that it can be used to deploy your code anywhere.  While that's true, they don't necessarily give you the tools to do it unless that "anywhere" is Azure.  This guide will give you the steps to set up a file drop onto an S3 AWS resource that you can use to trigger an... Continue Reading →

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