Creating custom VSTS build/release tasks

VSTS is great in that not only do they provide a bunch of very useful tasks out of the box, but people can also create their own and contribute them to a marketplace.  However, documentation on creating and developing custom tasks is currently thin and what is there is out of date or doesn't answer some... Continue Reading →


Using Powershell to loop directories and files

Every once in a while, typically when messing around with VSTS and deployments, I find myself needing to figure out what exactly is up on the server file system.  With this little script, I can get a full load out of all the files and directories from any given path. $start = (Get-Item -Path ".\" -Verbose).FullName;... Continue Reading →

Using VSTS to deploy to AWS

VSTS touts that it can be used to deploy your code anywhere.  While that's true, they don't necessarily give you the tools to do it unless that "anywhere" is Azure.  This guide will give you the steps to set up a file drop onto an S3 AWS resource that you can use to trigger an... Continue Reading →

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